What is best – A real casino or an online casino?

Live Casino or Offline Casino? That’s the question

What is best, a real casino or an online casino? People have always had a different view on this. Some people prefer the nice feeling that comes with playing in a real life casino. You walk into the casino; show your ID to the host. Lights are flashing everywhere, everything is bright. You can feel the oxygen flowing through the vents and you get excited. You hear the “kling kling” sounds from other players winning on slots. It’s a great feeling, both visually and mental.

Online casinos

Then you have the other side of the coin. People like playing on online casinos because it’s very comfortable. You can sit there in your own chair and just press a few buttons. Suddenly you are in an online casino with choice of more than 300 different video slots. A lot of the time you have picked up some casino bonuses on the way. This will give you a boost in your bankroll and make it easier for you to win. If you don’t know where to find a good online casino bonus then just make a quick search on Google. There are a lot of different web sites that have made reviews of online casinos.

FUN FACT: Did you also know that online slots have a higher payout than offline slots? This is because you can play so many more spin online than you can offline.

Free spins

There’s also a thing called free spins bonuses when you play online. You can get these bonsues free of charge, without making a single deposit. Casinos will send you promotions via email and texts giving away these free spins just so that you try out their software. The best thing is that you get to keep all the money you earn.

A Norwegian who won €11.6 million with free spins! He came home one night from school, turned on his computer and saw that he had received some free spins. He started playing those free spins and won about 40 NOK. He then continued to play on Mega Fortune to win the biggest online casino jackpot in history. Now that is one lucky guy!



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